X's weird webspace

welcome to my space 👋, i'm X.

welcome to my new new new website, this time using a 🔥 static site generator! and this time, with the intent to keep it alive haha- we'll see how that goes...

there's still so much to do and so many things I'm not 100% perfectly happy with, but who cares!!! I'll work on the website from time to time and refactor/redesign some stuff until I can no longer complain about myself (extreme challenge).

i'll update this homepage once everything is set in place and approximately working as intended 👍 like y'know having a cool intro hero section and proper "here's a bit about myself but not too much" section

the new and shiny stuff ✨

you can go ahead and checkout my cool blog posts, or check me out somewhere else on the webbed world! See ya' around~